• 22/01/2016

    Ultimate guide to the porqués in Spanish

    ¡Hola!. In this new post you´ll find a very clear explanation on the commonly confused "por qué", "porque", "porqué" and "por que". You´ll also learn how to use them correctly (keep the secret, native speakers often make mistakes when writing them).
  • 31/12/2015

    How To Use the Pretérito Perfecto in Spanish

    ¡Hola!. Welcome to a new grammar doctor post. This time I am going to share with you a question made by Kristin from Chicago. She would like to know more about the Pretérito Perfecto de indicativo in Spanish which shares structure and uses with the Present Perfect in English.
  • 14/12/2015

    When use por or para in Spanish

    ¡Hola!. Welcome to a new post. This time we are going to talk about using POR and PARA in Spanish. We will see the differences between them, the rules and good examples in Spanish and English. Enjoy!.
  • 30/11/2015

    Perder or Perderse in Spanish

    Hola amigos!, do you know the difference between the verbs "perder" and "perderse" in Spanish?. If not, you´ll enjoy this new post...
  • 27/11/2015

    Confusing Uses of Spanish Verb Hacer

    Some of you may already know that the Spanish verb hacer means to do in English. This is the first meaning that comes to your mind. However, how many know the verb hacer is used in other contexts having different meanings a part from the "original" to do?. Welcome to a new Your Grammar Doctor post. Enjoy!.
  • 23/11/2015

    Welcome to Your Spanish Grammar Doctor

    ¡Hola!. Welcome to your Grammar Spanish Doctor. In this new blog I will be happy to answer and publish all your questions about Spanish Grammar. If you are studying Spanish feel free to send me your questions no matter your level is. Are you ready to start?.

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